ICAS and its Tools


ICAS is an Integrated Computer Aided System consisting of a number of toolboxes that helps to solve a wide range of problems in an efficient manner. The following toolboxes are available in ICAS 17.0: CAPEC Database; ProPred (pure component property estimation); TML (mixture property estimation and model library); ProCAMD (computer aided molecular design); PDS (process dsign studio for distillation process synthesis/design); BRIC (batch operation modelling and simulation); MoT (modelling toolbox); ModDev (tool for model generation); ICAS-Dynsim (dynamic simulation engine); ICAS-SIM (steady state simulation engine); ICAS-Utility (various types of phase diagrams); SolventPro (solid solubility and solvent selection-design). In addtion, a number of EXCEL-based software using ICAS-tools have also been developed (ICAS-PAT, SustainPro, VPPD-Lab, PC-SAFT, CAPEC-DB-Manager, LCSoft, ECON).

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22 Sep 2014

ICAS & Toolboxes

ICAS combines computer-aided tools for modelling, simulation (including property prediction), synthesis/design, control and analysis into a single integrated system. These tools are present in ICAS as toolboxes. During the solution of a problem, the user may move from one toolbox to another to solve problems requiring more than one tool. For...... — Read more about.

4 Jun 2014

ICAS 17.0 is ready

For those who are interested in using the latest version of ICAS, ICAS 17.0 can now be downloaded or obtained by contacting the CAPEC secretary. CAPEC consortium members can directly download the latest version from the "member company website" (if you do not have an user-id and password, contact the Web Manager or CAPEC secretary for...... — Read more about.